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I often wonder why romance is the most preferred genre.  Even upcoming writers prefer romance to give their writing career a head start. Detractors may argue that it is easier to pen a love story. But for an eternal optimist like me romance is always about hope. 

Love stories transport the readers to a magical world filled with hope. Without You does the same with ease. It is your typical lost and found story but what sets Without You apart from the rest is the geography and the detailing.

The description and detailing makes the reader travel with the protagonists and what a travel it is.   It’s a journey the reader would cherish. Another major plus is the stress on the importance of family values right from the very beginning.

On the surface it does look like your regular love story but if the reader is willing to scratch the surface there’s a lovely lesson of forgiveness and I loved the surprise element right towards the very end. Pick up the book to find out what it is.

There are a couple of negatives too. The names have been inter-changed in a couple of places and like all love stories Without You too has a few clichés which could have been avoided.

My Verdict – Pick up the book if you love ROMANCE and TRAVEL.

Rating 3/5




Ah finally it’s about her.. The one I admire. The one whose attention I desperately seek. All logic goes for a toss when I see her.. Is she the one..?  I am not sure. But I want to give it a try.

I can never forget the very first time I saw her. It was the usual training stuff at office. We were asked to introduce ourselves to each other. I wait for my turn ready to repeat the same boring introduction. And there she is like a newly blossomed flower. Nothing else mattered for one glorious moment. I watch transfixed as she starts to speak. Nothing’s been the same since then. There’s not been a single day when I don’t look forward to seeing her. 

Six months have passed since that eventful day. Day in and day out there’s just one burning desire to get to know her better and to somehow muster up courage and talk to her. It still hasn’t happened except for one accidental conversation on the lift when she said she knew who I was.

I wish I had the courage back then to start up a random conversation. To make matters worse I freeze every single time I see her.. My throat goes dry, hands shiver and my heart rises and as I said earlier everything goes topsy- turvey.

I have become like a film hero who conveys his feeling only during the climax. But atleast films have a climax Where is mine..? My story goes on like the never ending SINDBAD… Will there be some sort of divine intervention.. I do hope so.


( To be continued )






full just you me secret cover

Love – The universal emotion which binds humanity together. All of us have our own distinct way of showing our love. Some are delightfully expressive. There are times when love helps us to re-visit our past to forge a happy future. Just You Me and a Secret is one such story.

The plot – A protagonist who wakes up not knowing who she is ? A blank past haunts her with only Clara for company.  Who is Clara ? Did she have a role in shaping Meera’s forgotten past. you will have to read the book to find out ?

My new found crush has literally swept me off my feat. No I am not talking about another damsel in distress. It’s these books with smaller,compact story lines. Just You Me and Secret is one such book with barely 120 pages.  It’s a brisk read from start to finish. The best part is it keeps you guessing till the very end.  A promising debut by a talented female writer.

I loved the pace of the story. There wasn’t the usual unnecessary detailing. Sometimes too much detail can hamper the flow.  The only negative in an otherwise engaging plot were the rushed film like portions which could have been avoided.

A good first step into the world of publishing for the author. Hopefully the next one raises the bar even further.

Good luck.