“No ma not today” I skip breakfast. Poor mom she had to bear the wrath of my anger. I switch off the radio as well. No customary Illayaraja track as well. What’s gotten into me? Suddenly my world had turned topsy turvy. It was the big day and I had to win. There was pride at stake and points for the house which I represented

As a 7th grade kid it was make or break day for me. Either I prove myself or fade into oblivion. What will my buddies think if I lose? It was my first try at something this competitive so the result did matter. If I win it might to lead to many such attempts and If I lose it’s the end. Why was i so worried? All I had to do was conjure up an English essay for a topic given on the spot. My English credentials were impeccable. What about my competitors? Most of them wouldn’t even come close. There was just one person who could steal the win from me. “Oh God please make her sick so that she doesn’t turn up”. I pray with all earnestness and there she was with her trademark radiant smile. I am finished.

She was a star and I mean literally. A naturally gifted person who could make the whole school root for her, including the judges. I was the underdog an average student. My only plus – My English. I didn’t stand a chance. My steps become heavy. My English professor suddenly seemed like some evil incarnate. I turn the pages of my text looking for some inspiration hoping that it would soothe my already muddled mind.

No worries boss you are gonna to win don’t work yourself up too much” Did I hear someone say something. I look up and I could barely believe my eyes. It was her – my sole competitor. She was supposed to be preparing for the competition instead she’s right in front of me giving me the assurance that I badly needed. My spirits soared and needless to say I aced the competition.

Many such accolades followed but this win was special not for the prize or the points but for the lasting lesson that it gave me. “It is always a blessing to have someone to compete against. A healthy competition more often than not brings out the best in you


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A glance at the rear view mirror showed nothing except tears, tears of joy.. Time changes everything.. It was love at first sight for JAMES and PRIYA. But unlike most love marriages this one was a smooth union of two families. They made an awesome pair together but the real story had just begun.
Despite being a made for each other couple the family wasn’t complete. It is often said that nothing can match the joy a child brings into a family. The numerous treatments and tests were just futile attempts at covering up the harsh truth Priya couldn’t conceive. All seemed lost even as James shielded Priya with his unconditional love.
James had made a decision. He didn’t care what people around him said. Priya’s happiness for all that mattered. Together they went to a CHILD ADOPTION HOME. PRIYA wandered around looking at the numerous homeless children. All of them deserved a home.
A young girl around 4 years of age tugged at PRIYA from behind. What is your name darling? asked Priya. “ISHITA” came a meek reply even a cheerful smile adorned the child’s face. Priya decided she was the one.
The drive back home had been a pleasant one. James looked at the rear view mirror again.  Priya was beaming. She was a MOM. Ishita was their destiny. The little princess who strengthened their bond of love.
James’s mind travelled back to the adoption home again “THEY ALL NEED A HOME”


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A shoelace might not seem like the greatest of gifts but for Pete it held a deeper meaning. It all started when he was just 4 on his first day of school. Those tiny hands had begun a clumsy fight with the laces. No matter how hard he tried those clumsy hands couldn’t tie those shoe strings together. Just when he was about to give up his HERO arrives – his DAD and ties the shoe strings for him. Little did he know that this was just the beginning of a lifelong relationship filled with unconditional love and affection

Years fly by… Pete in his 12th grade… His school premises… The shoelaces come off again. A familiar hand touches his shoes. Oh Dad please don’t. Despite the  crowd of onlookers the great man doesn’t flinch one bit. He just gives a knowing glance. A glance which spoke a thousand words “I AM DOING IT FOR MY SON”. It was so typical of Dad when Pete needed something he needn’t ask his dad just knew. A man who gave his all for his family.
He was really blessed to have a lovely home filled with people who knew the value of sticking together through thick and thin. It was always a competition at home with each one outdoing the other to show whose love was greater. But somehow his Dad held a special place for showing him that a strong a happy family can be built on the foundation of love alone.
For Pete those weren’t mere shoelaces they were Dad’s bond of love.


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In a way it served as redemption. It was a case which wasn’t supposed to be solved until Rohit took it up. The murders have been brutal and gory. To top it all the killer sent a CD of each and every one of his killings to the police department. It was an open challenge..? Catch me if you can ?

Every killing had a pattern – a connection. All the victims were from the same college. Was it remotely possible that a serial killer was running loose? If so what was the motive? Rohit didn’t want to come to conclusions until he had a tangible clue. An Evidence which would settle the case once and for all. But all he could find was a broken bottle of PERFUME in one of the murder spots.

Rohit didn’t want to give up. He dug deep. He made enquires in the college in question. All past records,the student files. Nobody was spared. The deeper he dug, the more shocking the revelations. Yet another case with a familiar back story.

Sudeep was just a normal guy from a village with huge aspirations to make it big. He wasn’t sure how the city would welcome him. He had dreams. But to their eyes he was a nerd, an IDIOT who didn’t know the way of the world. Ragging was a constant occurrence. He wasn’t spared on a single day. Eventually he submitted himself to them. He left his dreams behind running away from them.. Running away from his fears. This wasn’t the end though. The fear turned to hatred. He vowed to hit back. The tormented would become the tormenter.
What could have been..? Rohit pondered. Another life which had lost it’s way. Ragging had claimed yet another future.. The five victims.. SUDEEP… It could all have been avoided.


“I have been driven many times upon my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go. My own wisdom, and that of all about me, seemed insufficient for the day” – Abraham Lincoln.
This time I begin with a quote by AB Lincoln. Powerful words from someone who changed the fate of a nation. People often tend to underestimate the power of a prayer. There’s always a sense of calm when you know that someone out there is on his/ her knees praying for you. Prayer to me seemed like a show off of our affection with God. But all that changed in a dramatic way.
 For years I have often looked at prayer with contempt. Dad’s death and the period thereafter was horrible. I lost my only guide. All seemed lost until one eventful morning. It was something small but truly life changing. I was one of my routine SUNDAY visits to church. An 8 year old kid reeling of his wish list to the Almighty. Do you think God’s gonna give you everything you asked. I question him.
“I don’t know but if I ask with conviction and trust maybe he will” Pearls of wisdom from an 8 year old.  I wish I had known this at his age. Maybe God has his own way of letting us know that he listens. It made rethink the whole concept of prayer
Trust me PRAYER works. For it is based on 3 powerful foundations. FAITH, TRUST and HOPE. There’s nothing more comforting than knowing that there people are out there praying for you. I sign off this off with one of my own pearls of wisdom. 
PS: Brimming with hope and confidence.


Ever since I entered my new office premises things have turned out to be pretty good. People have been more than willing to reach out and help right from the first day till date. But it was one random act which happened a couple of days back which stood out. It was the usual dinner time at office and we were four in number 3 guys and a girl each having their own favourite dish among the dinner menu. I was having my own Poli and Poori with the masala.

The clumsy person that I was I had spread the Poori Masala across my plate instead of pouring it into the bowl which was specifically given for the masala. I started eating with the spread out Poori Masala and the empty bowl still on the plate.

It was then that the incident happened. The girl who was eating beside me stopped for a moment took the empty bowl from my plate and placed it on the table so that I could eat comfortably. It was an act so trivial and so random that I failed to realize what she had done at that moment.

It made me think. An act of kindness need not be huge even some small act of kindness can make someone’s day. When someone who needs your help. Do not hesitate. Just reach out and do what you can, for that moment might never come again.

Always remember the hands that help are holier than the lips that pray!.