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The final words of the lifeless creature haunted her. “Seek the light within”.  The veils of deception and ignorance parted as she was served a fresh glimpse of her forgotten past.  The Welcome, her Mom, the throne and the parting riddle were just mere illusions. She wasn’t in a strange land anymore. 

Silence surrounded her yet again.  But she no longer feared. She thought of the one name which could give her a chance at redemption “ASLAN” the ruler of  nine worlds.

She could here a booming voice across the void. “Did you seek me yet again”?  Priya was overjoyed but before she could retort the voice boomed yet again. “Fret not for you are destiny’s child”

Why the ordeal and the illusions? Does death seek me? Priya quipped back despite the re-assurance”


The voice disappeared into oblivion as she began her journey again with renewed hope. She knew who her enemy was but she was no longer afraid. She knew the perils of moving forward.  She wasn’t embarking on a quest for she already knew the answer which had eluded her.  She was taking back what was rightfully hers for she was the “ONE.”

And I pass the baton to Aishwarya Swaminathan for the next twist in the plot

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The call was an unexpected. What did she want from me after all these years?  It is not every day that you get a call from your ex on a Valentine’s Day.  We parted ways on amicable terms but why did she want to dig up a long forgotten past?

COFFEE DAY had the usual V- Day buzz. There were couples all around. Each pair immersed in their own little world as I waited for her arrival. The moment I heard her footsteps fear gripped my whole being.  Her lazy elegance still fascinated.

Her face radiated with happiness and her small hands held something which I treasured.  A copy of AFTER THE FLOODS – My first published work. The mess suddenly cleared up. Our eyes met and then she uttered those lovely words.

“You’re not the man I broke up with. You are something else today – a person everyone looks up to.  I am glad we parted ways. It has changed both of us into better human beings. I was so elated to see your name in print. An anthology is a good way to start off things. It will give you the space that you need for the big one. Best wishes for the journey ahead”

She wanted my sign and I duly obliged.  She smiled again and I understood it’s implied meaning even after all these years. We parted ways yet again.

 The pen in my hand refused to move as Gracie held my hand.  “Is it the Mystery Girl again?” I look into those love – filled eyes. “Yes my dear she will always remain an ETERNAL MYSTERY but YOU and OUR KIDS will always be MY HAPPILY EVER AFTER“.  



Damn I just can’t stop.. She still lingers even if i try to forget. I keep waiting for the lunch hour each day just to have a glance at her across the pantry. Oh what’s come over me? It seems like a never ending dream. I keep tossing and turning in bed every night hoping to find an answer. Is it love or is just like one of those small time crushes. I am still not sure.

 How does she manage to get me into freeze mode every time I see her? God only knows. Maybe I should ask her once we get to know each other. Despite all these muddled thoughts in my head. I am just enjoying this lovely little period. She just feels like one those freshly bloomed roses among withered flowers.

How did this happen? Why did this happen in the first place. I never wanted this especially not now. The time just isn’t right. But she seems to be like one of those recurring dreams. You never plan for these things. It happens just like that.


The worst part I am still undecided. The more I try to forget the closer she comes to me leaving a permanent impression. Is there a remedy for this? I do hope there is. Maybe I should try and talk to her. But that seems a remote possibility as days pass by.  But she’s become an indispensable part of my everyday life. Not a day goes by without me thinking of her

There’s certain innocence in the way she carries herself and I just love that. In this age of fast forward romances mine is still old fashioned. A little slow paced but worthwhile I guess.

Sometimes it’s good to let your heart overrule your brain. It can serve as an inspiration. Who knows it might even serve as a sign of things to come. Not everything can be decided rationally. I don’t care even if it leads to a dead end. I am just gonna give it a shot.

( To be Continued )





Ah finally it’s about her.. The one I admire. The one whose attention I desperately seek. All logic goes for a toss when I see her.. Is she the one..?  I am not sure. But I want to give it a try.

I can never forget the very first time I saw her. It was the usual training stuff at office. We were asked to introduce ourselves to each other. I wait for my turn ready to repeat the same boring introduction. And there she is like a newly blossomed flower. Nothing else mattered for one glorious moment. I watch transfixed as she starts to speak. Nothing’s been the same since then. There’s not been a single day when I don’t look forward to seeing her. 

Six months have passed since that eventful day. Day in and day out there’s just one burning desire to get to know her better and to somehow muster up courage and talk to her. It still hasn’t happened except for one accidental conversation on the lift when she said she knew who I was.

I wish I had the courage back then to start up a random conversation. To make matters worse I freeze every single time I see her.. My throat goes dry, hands shiver and my heart rises and as I said earlier everything goes topsy- turvey.

I have become like a film hero who conveys his feeling only during the climax. But atleast films have a climax Where is mine..? My story goes on like the never ending SINDBAD… Will there be some sort of divine intervention.. I do hope so.


( To be continued )







I wasn’t having a particularly awesome day. It was a day when a bunch of morons triggered my anger. I was fuming. The reason – the way I am physically had once again become an object of ridicule. Where did these people get their degrees from? Didn’t they teach something called courtesy at school?

Why is the fact that I am different so much of an obsession for people around me. For once I feel lost and helpless. It is your workplace hence you fight back at your own peril. I chose to remain silent with the anger still within me.

The clock strikes 9. I let out a sigh of relief. Let me get back home and have a good sleep. The lift opens. The usually crowded lift is unusually empty. It’s me and the labour boy the one who cleans up the restrooms and our leftovers while eating. He’s tiny about 18 – 20 years of age. He looks fragile and tired from a hard day at work.

The lift starts moving down. For me those few minutes seemed like eternity. The boy suddenly blurts out something unexpected and sweet “Sorry boss don’t mistake me I feel inspired seeing you”. That is all he said and gave me a royal salute with a smile.

Suddenly my whole day turned upside down. The smile returned back. I was beaming again. Let the morons go to hell. I have a purpose – to make a difference and touch lives and I will continue doing so till my last breath.




My team

There is a reason why a DAD is still the best man in his daughter’s life. He’s given me my best lessons on how to stand out among the crowd and be different. He was there always until Alzheimer’s happened.

I admit it’s been hard but I view it as a chance to give back. Maybe it’s God’s way of asking him to re-live his childhood again. His once agile mind has now become an empty space. It’s my turn to be the mother. It’s more like a role – reversal. His lust for words has not diminished though.

I wonder how someone who forgets those around him still retains his passion for writing. It’s God’s hand at work. Every time I show him something written by SAKSHI aunty or SID uncle his face brightens up like a child who has just tasted a delicious bar of chocolate. He sets off on a trip down the memory lane.

They were my team mates” he shows off proudly. His grip on the faded Project 365 photo tightens as he recollects how his journey as a writer began. Therein lies the key to unlocking his dormant mind the key to opening the doors of hope.

I am not done with him just as yet. There’s no known cure for Alzheimer’s but greater miracles have happened. I’ll wait unit he takes his first steps again. I am not giving up until I have my DAD back and someday we will read my first book together.

PS: This one’s based on a true story. I have just twisted it to give a personal touch




Ah! How these people change. Just a while ago she was the adorable beauty queen – the star until a beast decided to commit the crime that every girl dreads. Her identity has changed. She’s an exile, an outcast. Her own kin refuse to recognise her. Was it her fault that the one who was supposed to protect her became her tormentor?

The one is supposed is supposed to be punished is walking free while she bears the wrath of the people who once adored her. A porn star walks with her head held high while she lives in isolation. The laws of land are too twisted to redeem her.

When will her cries be heard? Her cries for justice. Will she ever get back the life that was once her own. She vows to fight – Oh yes it’s a lone battle but she is not gonna give up without a fight.  She’s not the VICTIM she is the VOICE which needs to be heard








I knew she was mine the moment I laid my eyes on her. The smile that adorned her face was just pure magical. Everything else paled in comparison.. How things change! She gave my life a much needed sense of direction. All the hard earned money would have just been garbage if it wasn’t for her.

Can a simple trip change a life – it turned my life upside down. 5 million meant loads of fun – Why not pay God a visit before the actual fun starts. A visit to land of the Gods – Rameswaram. But what I saw over there pained me – A land filled with the blood of inncocent civilians – It was Red everywhere.

I pay a visit to one of the refugee centre.  Despite the chaos something caught my eye – A tiny little girl with bright blue eyes. That’s where it all began. A beautiful father – daughter bond forged on the fondation of love.  Years just fly by.. I see her at the podium being honoured for excellence in medicine. Life has come a full circle. The scars have just vanished

It was a proud moment. Dad’s words resonate yet again ” GIVING BEGINS AT HOME“: 

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Oh my just when I plan for a busy April Month my Laptop starts acting up like a grumbling child. It was revenge time. It’s been four years since I laid my hands on my Dell Laptop brand new, black and shinning. The problem – I hadn’t given it for service even once so it conveniently decides to go on strike just when I needed it the most  ” Take that you idiot” this one is for not taking proper care of me. I get the point but please don’t let me down now. All my pleading and praying is of no avail as my laptop shut itself down.

My Laptop has been a constant companion over the last 4 years. Right from transporting me to the world of movies, soothing my ears with wonderful music and helping me connect to the outside world through my writing. It has been with me through thick and thin.

What next? I rack my brains. Posting via mobile -no that won’t suit me.. Internet centre that’s a little risky. Should I give up.. ? I really don’t know. Oh God please show me a way out of this mess. My mobile rings. It was Fisher – My cousin. Shall we go for a movie today? Oh yes but bring your laptop along. Mine’s not working we might need yours for booking tickets. He reaches home with his laptop. My eyes light up. How helpful it would be if I had his for a couple of days?

I guess he read my mind “You can take mine for a couple of days while we leave your laptop for service you might need it for your regular postings” Just what I was waiting to hear. A small gesture but a timely help nevertheless How I wish there were more like him. Even a small gesture can make a big difference.

For a change I had a white Sony Viao with me even as I bid my own trusted companion goodbye for a short while.

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23rd June … That was the day it all begun. My first view of this world. I wish I could turn back the clock and see my first reaction and the joy on my mom’s face, the joy of seeing the first born in the family. My trial by fire too started from there. And let me confess it hasn’t been an easy ride.

The name was SALESH DIPAK. The first part of my name was from Mom and the latter half from Dad. Both my parents get their due. Those were the days when villages in India were still ignorant of Cerebral Palsy and it’s after effects. It’s at age two that I am diagnosed with CP. All because of one dead cell and weakened muscles.

Finding a regular school was tough especially for someone with special needs like yours truly. Hence my first foray into education starts with kids who are specially challenged, I still have vivid memories of those days. I finish my LKG and UKG over there even as my parents continued their frantic search for a regular school continued.

Luckily for me the twist of fate happens sooner rather than later. A minor surgery results in major course correction. It seemed as if some fairy had granted me a wish. Oh yes I can. I still remember my very first steps. A huge relief. I had to walk to with two huge custom made boots though. It was an improvement nevertheless and way better than being carried from place to place.

My first foray into regular school served as a glimpse of what was to follow. Let me tell u regular school was a different world altogether and it all seemed so alien to me. It seemed as if I had landed in a different planet. Besides I had to get used to taking my initial steps after the surgery.

The boots were relatively very heavy but it was necessary hindrance. Regular exercise was a must. The daily morning and evening walks to school became a routine. Holding mom’s hand and walking all the way to school was pure joy. I had someone I can rely on someone who would turn out to be my GUARDIAN ANGEL.

There was a marked difference between my old school and the new one. I wasn’t used to sitting with a group of normal kids in a structured classroom. The ABCD’s and the numbers were all GREEK and LATIN to me. And it was a single teacher for one whole class. I was more used to “A teacher for one kid” principle since we had special needs. But here I was one among many.

The best part of the new school though was the adjoining church which meant I could pray on a daily basis and since all us were just kids none of them treated me with indifference. I guess with age comes the bias and isolation.

Regular school also meant I had to restart my education again from the scratch – I guess I am the only person in the whole world who had done his LKG and UKG twice. But it was good fun nevertheless.

Ah.. Those were the days.. The CARMEL days!

( To be continued )