How do you dress up the mundane and make it look spectacular. Ask Jodie Foster. Money Monster is a bluff which works primarily because of spectacular star turns by it’s leads the eternally charismatic George Clooney and Hollywood’s pretty woman Julia Roberts. 

The plot – A clichéd hostage drama which we have seen many times before. You can almost predict every scene in Money Monster. Yet it’s a clever ploy by Jodie Foster. She picks a basic one line plot where the focus never shifts from either of them. And they do a very fine job of distracting you from the plot loopholes and the deja feel that every scene brings.

It’s a move which could have easily backfired for having an A-lister does not necessarily guarantee box office returns. Perhaps it’s a good lesson too. When you have competent actors who can light up the screen don’t mess the plot with too many complications. Just a simple one liner and a top notch execution would work just fine.  It’s only after the movie ends you realize that you have been tricked into watching another average Hollywood fare. But you don’t feel bad either

And now the big question – To watch Money Monster or not. Definitely a one time watch and a welcome diversion from the barrage of sequels and horror overdrive that we have been witnessing lately. As for those who love George Clooney and Julia Roberts it’s your best opportunity to drool over their charisma, skill and onscreen chemistry

My Verdict – It’s all about the MONEY. Go for it.

My Rating – 3/5 

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