I promised myself not to single out as I read through the whole book. But irresistible sweetness of Dairy Milk still lingers. I am not sure what pulled me into your story. Ideally it should have been just another Love Lost and Found story. But the way you paced your narration made me smile.

It was like feasting on a delightful spread of desserts in a marriage hall.  As a reader you know the eventual conclusion. You know it’s about the union of two souls. Yet you look forward to the celebration.

As a writer all you needed was 21 five rupees dairy milk to lure us in. Don’t get me wrong I love your travel episodes, fashion musings and book reviews. But it’s the storyteller within that makes me sit up in anticipation.

Not everyone is blessed with remarkable story telling abilities.  I guess it’s a gift. Take a diversion once in a while and delight us with special episodes like this.


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