1. Life will always be hard when you try to break the norm but when you do it might just pave the way the way for someone who has aspirations and dreams.
  2. The label still remains both within and outside of work but I have learnt to ignore.
  3. Silence can be a powerful weapon if you can figure out when to remain silent and whom to ignore.
  4. Theworld is unfair but there’s still a tiny thread of goodness which makes this world a better place.
  5. The people who believe in your dreams will stand by you no matter what happens.
  6. When you spread goodness it comes back to you in one way or the other.
  7. The greatest compliment you can give yourself is self love unless you learn to love yourself you cannot embrace another person.
  8. Learn to forgive, forget and let go.
  9. Hold on to that one factor which drives your passion it will take you to your rightful destination.
  10. As you move up in life lookout for opportunities to nurture people it will help u grow.





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