Balki – A director who has the knack of picking up of unconventional concepts.  Cheeni Kum and Paa were adorable gems. It was a very promising start. I sincerely hoped Shamitabh was an exception. But he falters big time with Ki and Ka. 

It is a juicy concept on paper. The concept of role reversal. But quite a lot is lost in translation. What could have been a blockbuster script instead meanders into one big mess. When you are putting forth the concept of role reversal the conflict point becomes very important but Balki sugarcoats it so much that it becomes another run in the mill couple story. Too much self indulgence I guess

Dear Balki – We are a mature audience who are willing to stand up and applaud if you live up to your early promise. When you want to say something say it straight without beating around the bush and resorting to gimmicks. We can take it. As a fan you left me disappointed. What you have actually done here is once again approve the age old stereotypes despite attempting to break away from the norm.

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Arjun Kapoor try their best by clinging on to an already sinking ship. They overreact at times but atleast they are earnest in their performances. The soulful melodies of Illayaraja is also missing. The only respite is watching the first family of Bollywood on screen.

Ki and Ka  – A wasted effort.

My Rating 2/5


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