There’s something irresistible about animation films which makes them endearing. I should have ideally stopped watching such movies once I hit my teens but in my case growing up has only increased the urge to watch animation movies on the big screen.

Zootopia serves up old school values of the heart in the right proportion. Along the way it pays tribute to the numerous Hollywood movies we have enjoyed over the years. Do you think you are an outsider to whom life has been unfair? Are you someone who firmly believes that DREAMS COME TRUE? Then Zootopia is the right film to stir your dreams yet again.

The film breaks the mould with an unlikely partnership between natural enemies. A wily old fox and a cute little bunny team up to fulfill their destiny. And trust me this bunny isn’t just cute. She’s fierce, determined and believes in herself. And her partner in crime isn’t bad either.

After last year’s Inside Out Disney scores yet again with an engaging fare for the whole family. Do watch it with the entire family. Who knows this might be an inspiration to your lovely little kid and serve as a much needed reassurance for the kid inside you.

My Rating – A perfect 5/5






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