I do know everyone’s rooting for Leonardo Di Caprio this year. But I sincerely hope he doesn’t get the nod this time too. Yeah you heard it right. Don’t get me wrong I love Leonardo like you all do. But rewarding Leo for The Revenant would continue the tradition of rewarding the right person for the wrong film. Leo’s performance is good. It’s a showy performance where he tries too hard. Leonardo can be magic when he is effortless like he was IN THE WOLF OF WALL STREET and several other worthy mentions. The only worthy contender for this year is Michael Fassbender as STEVE JOBS.

The Academy does have a curious history. Let’s consider OSCAR’s favourite nominee Meryl Streep. She was absolutely fantastic in THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA and JULIE and JULIE which the Academy conveniently ignored and rewarded her for portraying THE IRON LADY.

Why does the Academy lean towards showy performances? Is there no place for subtle and effortless acting?  Francis Ford Coppola’s famous remark still holds true. “I ALMOST WON THIS A COUPLE OF YEARS AGO FOR THE FIRST HALF OF THE SAME PICTURE“. With this I rest my case. 



2 thoughts on “AND THE OSCAR GOES TO…

  1. RISHI

    you suck man the revenant is a great film . you keep your thoughts , sorry the wrong thoughts to yourself.the movie is awesomatcular. the original, raw , reality is this if yu hate it thats fine but do not post something which sounds what??


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