Damn I just can’t stop.. She still lingers even if i try to forget. I keep waiting for the lunch hour each day just to have a glance at her across the pantry. Oh what’s come over me? It seems like a never ending dream. I keep tossing and turning in bed every night hoping to find an answer. Is it love or is just like one of those small time crushes. I am still not sure.

 How does she manage to get me into freeze mode every time I see her? God only knows. Maybe I should ask her once we get to know each other. Despite all these muddled thoughts in my head. I am just enjoying this lovely little period. She just feels like one those freshly bloomed roses among withered flowers.

How did this happen? Why did this happen in the first place. I never wanted this especially not now. The time just isn’t right. But she seems to be like one of those recurring dreams. You never plan for these things. It happens just like that.


The worst part I am still undecided. The more I try to forget the closer she comes to me leaving a permanent impression. Is there a remedy for this? I do hope there is. Maybe I should try and talk to her. But that seems a remote possibility as days pass by.  But she’s become an indispensable part of my everyday life. Not a day goes by without me thinking of her

There’s certain innocence in the way she carries herself and I just love that. In this age of fast forward romances mine is still old fashioned. A little slow paced but worthwhile I guess.

Sometimes it’s good to let your heart overrule your brain. It can serve as an inspiration. Who knows it might even serve as a sign of things to come. Not everything can be decided rationally. I don’t care even if it leads to a dead end. I am just gonna give it a shot.

( To be Continued )



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