Dear Priya,

I don’t know where to begin or how to begin.  Falling in love is one thing but falling in love with a fictional character is completely a different ball game. I wish I had fallen for Sujitha instead she was predictable, smart and would have given me the luxury of knowing what to expect. I guess destiny had other plans I fell for you instead.

You swept me off my feet even though your role in the whole plot was limited to being “THE CONFUSION”.   People say “LOVE IS BLIND” and I have to nod my head in agreement for I fell in love with your madness. Your unpredictability enthralled me.

I actually thought you were crazy to leave a man stranded in the night  But all along you knew what you wanted. You were happy to play second fiddle and give up on the man who loved you for you knew how it was going all going to end.

I am a nerd who is hopelessly in love. I knew you would vanish once the story ends. But I refuse to give up. Perhaps there’s a real life version of you out there. All I have to do is look.

I am waiting for you with open arms. Come back to me and we can start again with our real life fairy tale.

With Love,






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