Dear Chetan Bhagat,

I have been pondering over this question of yours for a while now but before I answer let’s get back to the beginning.  Though I am not in sync with what you write I have always admired you for the way you branded yourself and for showing us that anybody can dream of becoming an author. 

I am nobody.  I am just an enthusiastic reader who immerses himself in the world of books every night. Your question irked me. No I am not going to talk about how pathetic that question was.  I am going to talk about how that particular tweet led to “What do Authors do”?

Though said in jest authors being mocked at is something I will not take lying down all because of your stupid tweet. Before you press that tweet button of yours please understand that there are readers who look up to you. Despite my own criticism over what you write. I have seen your books fly off the shelves once they hit the stores.

Every creative field has that one person who initiated a change. As far as writing goes it is you who let us believe that anybody can aspire to be a writer. It has both it’s pros and cons. On one side I see rubbish becoming bestsellers, no language, no grooming, .and just half-baked plots and on the other side I see dreams being fulfilled.

Perhaps it would be wise if you could use your tweet time in researching for a proper plot. Just a little caution Bhagat when you use the social platform that’s all I ask.

The answer to your question is very simple. Historians are the bridge who link your past and present. They remind us how our past helped shaped our present. I hope this helps.


A humble reader.



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