There is one common disease that has gripped the human race since the beginning of time.  More often than not we give up too soon even if the whole universe around us has belief in our abilities. We live in denial and blame it on everything around us. We fail to see with the mind’s eye.

Every disease has a cure. Everyone says “TRY HARDER”. I say IT’S TIME TO GIVE UP ON GIVING UP. I know it’s not easy. Life tests and ridicules us. History often leaves us great reminders of how some ordinary beginnings transformed into extraordinary lives.  How are we different from them in any way?

Perhaps it’s time to stop giving up on ourselves. Slowly but surely life will stop testing and transform each one of us into what we ought to be. Always remember one tiny detail if the thought of giving up disturbs you again. We start the fight in our mother’s womb. We push through billions to transform into an embryo 


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