Bollywood has been plagued by one permanent illness for a very long time now – THE STAR SYSTEM  which means you have to endure loads of crap for that rare good film

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan makes a comeback. I wonder why. Can someone please tell her the difference between looking good and acting well? Both are completely different traits. It’s a role which should have ideally gone to an actress who could evoke empathy. But Aishwarya’s glycerin filled eyes rarely moves us.  

Heroine oriented films are a good trend.  But Bollywood often gives a sense of faux feminism. The female protagonists are elevated just for the sake of impressing the audience with absolutely no sense of direction or purpose. Jazbaa is one such film.

And what’s with the green tone. Did somebody tell the makers that green evokes a sense of fear and builds up anticipation?  To be frank it gave me a headache.

In more ways than one it is a half baked remake. Sanjay Gupta takes up an interesting premise and dilutes the soul. The only saving grace is Irrfan who after a power packed performance in Talvar lifts Jazbaa from being a complete mess. I only wish he had someone to compliment his majestic screen presence.

Sanjay Gupta please get your script right before directing.  How can you even think of wasting a powerhouse like Shabana Azmi. It’s unforgivable.   Aishwarya please stick to your appearances at Cannes. Acting doesn’t suit you. The only film which showed the audience you could act was Mani Ratnam‘s Guru but Mani Ratnam can make a stone come to life so that doesn’t count. 

If you’re still curious to watch how the thriller unfolds watch Seven Days on DVD. It will save your time and money.








One thought on “JAZBAA – A GREEN MONSTER

  1. A good review. I have seen seven days, but not Jazbaa, so I can’t comment. However, I personally feel Aishwarya Rai is a good heroine. May be not a realistic actress like Shabana Azmi, Konkona Sen, Nanditha, Priyanka, or Deepika, but Aish does act well in commercial flicks like Dhoom 2, Taal, Enthiran, Jeans… She also has a sculpted look to suit period dramas like Devdas, Jodhaa Akbar, etc. She is not exactly wooden, may be she shouldn’t be cast in deep movies like this!


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