Every Teachers day is a wonderful reminder that there is someone out there still striving to make a difference. Teaching is probably the only profession where touching lives is a daily habit.

I travel back to my PSGIM, the place which gave me so many fond memories. A place which is also synonymous with my own personal struggle for an identity.  Beyond the daily learning and fun – filled hostel moments there was something which was constantly bothering me

I struggled to fit in with my own peer group and the only way out was wearing a mask. It was not long before the mask suck me in. I pretended and did things which I am not very proud of.

And then Shanthakumari M’am happened.  She was one of the few who believed that I would be an achiever someday. Her boundless energy and commitment still inspires me.

When you reach the top a lot of people would be willing to tag along. But those who stand by your uniqueness during your lonely periods of struggle are the ones who matter the most. She was one of them.

I am a writer, a reviewer and a soon to be published author too (My first book will be out on my next birthday). All of this would not have been possible without her faith in my abilities. 

Continue inspiring people M’am. We love your passion.

I use this opportunity to thank everyone who played a part in shaping my life




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