At times our heart begins to wonder. Am I making the right move? Will it ever work out? What if it backfires?  We allow ourselves to be haunted by ifs and buts.

We are all muddled beings with a mind that resembles a maze. This fragile nature is what makes us human. The trick is to find our way through the maze. It might seem difficult when we begin for none of us know the destination.

Filter your thoughts and the maze will clear up. Take a chance. It’s a gamble but be prepared to take that all important first step. Ignore the voices that haunt you with self-doubts. Listen to the voice which says you can.

There is a saying that opportunity knocks only once. But I say opportunity is always present but we fail to see. Embrace your chance to excel. Forget the audience. Forget the time frame. You are the star of your own life and it’s your stage. Sometimes all you need is a small slot to show the world what you are capable of.


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