Ente Jeevitham Ente Mathram ( My Life is only mine ).  In hindsight it might seem like a simple sentence.  But the whole meaning of the magic called life lies hidden within this single sentence. It reminds all of us something which we forget.

We are born into this world to shape our lives the way we want to. But along the way we fall prey to the whims of people around us.  We are forced to accept their choices. I repeat their choices not ours. We become hapless victims who meander without a sense of clarity. In a way it is self  imposed victim hood.

 I agree there are people who helped you become what you are. That is their role which was done to perfection. You don’t owe them anything except love, affection and a small token of gratitude but that does not mean they control your choices.  Consult them, get their ideas but the final choice should always be yours. 

Take charge of your life before someone ruins it for you or soon it might be a story of “IF ONLY I HAD.”   The yearning will never go away.  It will be a life filled with regret.  Don’t let that happen to you.  Never let someone live your life for you.

Your life your terms and hence your choices.





2 thoughts on “MY LIFE IS ONLY MINE

  1. Your life, hence your choices works. The problem though is that for a lot of people don’t want to take the accountability for their choices when something goes wrong. So make wise and calculated choices, I guess 🙂


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