Dear Mohanlal Sir and Manju Warrier M’am,

It was pleasure seeing you both on screen.  It is a rarity to see stars step out of their comfort zone and do films which mirror real life just ordinary middle class individuals who touch lives in a small way.  After I saw the film I wondered it didn’t get the accolades that it deserved.  But I guess some films take a while to make the desired impact. 

The impact though is profound leaving a late but permanent impression.  I re-phrase Vineeth N Pillai here “The movie touched my soul”.  Sometimes simple pleasures convey a deeper meaning.   There are numerous Vineeth N Pillai’s and Deepa’s here who get the job done without much fuss.  Touching lives can be an everyday habit too.

There’s a small episode about second chances too. Both Vineeth and Deepa get their shot at re-shaping their lives in a better way.  

I yearn for this version of Mohanlal often the Lalettan who speaks through emotions and simple gestures. Manju Warrier – A wonderful comeback with two simple yet powerful scripts

To many it may not be Sathyan sir’s best film. To me it will remain a priceless treasure.

Yours Truly,

A fan






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