It’s time for a fresh start and I begin with Voices – Old & New.  Voices surprised me. I dug in expecting a regular read but the book turned out to be a wonderful assortment. Each story has it’s own distinct flavour despite being fitted into a genre.

.At times a book tends to lose track of what it wants to present it’s readers and halfway through the book you begin to lose interest. It is in this aspect that voices scores big times. 

 Voices keeps you engaged from start to finish. Another thing which impressed me was the preciseness of the narrative. No lag, no excessive detailing and no jargons just lovely emotions which connect with our everyday life.

There’s a feel good factor that lingers on even after you finish . Voices is a wonderful breezy read that leaves you with a tinge of hope.  Kudos to all the authors for giving it their best shot and thumbs up to Indireads for the choice of stories

My picks from the book.

Crime and Mystery – No Good Deed.

Raakhee Suryaprakash puts forth a question of choice and perspective. There’s no black and white just shades of grey. It is often said marriages are made in heaven but it can turn out to be a ride to hell if your choice is a mess.

Drama – Prejudice.

Never let a judgement obstruct your view. Shivani takes up this one one liner and weaves a story filled with a thread of hope. The lovely finish just left me yearning for a little more.

Paranormal – The Message.

This one’s a favourite just for the narrative. You know what’s going to happen right at the start but Sid let’s you anticipate. He peels the story layer by layer to it’s eventual conclusion.

Romance – Only you

I wept when I read this one. Every word mirrored my life. Aastha was a replica of my own personality the limp, the stigma, the scars and the hope. It was me from start to finish.

My rating – 5 stars













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