I have been blogging for around 3 years now.  But for the first couple of years a question constantly plagued my mind. How do I find my audience? How do I make sure my writing reaches the right people?. Despite blogging on a fairly consistent basis the answer eluded me.

Then came the pearls of wisdom from my cousin. “Associate yourself with the right people. Open up. Be more accessible. It is not enough if you just keep writing. Find people who will be able to appreciate the effort that you put in. I agree you have your limitations but the writing community is built around wonderful souls who will be able to look beyond your weakness. They will accept you for what you are”.

Sakshi happened and then Project 365. A wonderful team of writers. I think more than helping me find my audience they have helped me re-define myself and given me a new identity. 

A big fat thank you to the entire team for the acceptance and the love. I always believe every end point leads to a new beginning. Even though the Project 365 comes to an end our bond still remains as strong as ever.

Best of luck to all my lovely team members for the journey ahead.

 This post was written for Project 365 program at We Post Daily.








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