Like all good things in my life Shruti was an accident. She’s a prodigy in every sense of the word. A soul destined for stardom. I never knew a pen could have so many shades. There’s something so soothing about her randomness.  Her quirkiness excites me. Perhaps all is not lost. The best part – Her words takes me back to my own glory days.

Oh yes I was a prodigy once – The star kid who could weave magic with his words. “You have a very rare gift my boy don’t ever lose it” Somehow those fleeting moments of fame fade into oblivion. I lose myself in the big mad race

Years roll by – OMG what have I done. I gave up the one thing I loved the most just to fit in. Gladly sense prevailed and it was a re-start. The words kept flowing but I missed the good old days. In other words I was struck somewhere in the past.

And then Shruti happened. Every time I read her words my eyes become moist. She seems more like a younger version of me from the other side. Her musings give me hope. It also serves as a wonderful reminder of how awesome my own life has turned out to be. Perhaps the chaos was essential to give me a sense of clarity. You can never re-write your past but you can always use your present to shape your future.

Shruti here’s whooshing you best for what is to come. I repeat what was once said to me “You have a gift. Don’t ever let it go”. 

PS: Even my brother doesn’t read me.






    1. If you ever think of contesting for the prime minister elections, you have my vote. okay? I don’t like politics because there’s no red voting ink 😛 but I will vote for you w/o any second thoughts OKAY 😛 😛 😛
      May you become the author you desire to be and then I would go around saying hey, That Famous vala Sid designed me a red currency note for my birthday. He knows me 😛 😛 you’re awesome, just marginally less than your kid <3.

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  1. Do you two have an idea of how fat my heart has got today? i have too many days when i am so unsure of myself and who i am and what i do. these gestures make me so immensely happy. i may not be as wonderful as you think i am but nonetheless whatever i am, i am happy knowing that i ruffled a few feathers at least so wooooosssssh i am thank you
    Can’t thank you enough! this post is like the brightest star that shines in the darkest of night!

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