Is it irony or foolishness or both?  We polish off our greatest wealth and look for alternatives to save our planet. Somehow the whole thing reminds me of a leech. Suck out all the natural resource without realizing the consequences.  It’s about time we gave Mother Nature her due.

It’s time to re-invent and re-discover ourselves. Don’t get me wrong.  Development is a good thing for it leads to a better standard of living. What irks me is the fact that there is no giving back. Thus far it’s a one way travel with mother nature’s benevolence surrounding us at every point in our life in various forms and all we have to show for ourselves is our lasting greed for all that is material.

It’s time to celebrate nature before it fades into oblivion. Time for the three R principle Re-cycle, Re-plant and Re-live. It’s time to give back to nature what is rightfully hers.

his post was written for Project 365 program at We Post Daily.







    1. saleshdipak

      Thanks for dropping by and appreciating my quirky little post.. I think too much of anything isn’t good . Perhaps it’s time to preserve our abundant natural wealth


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