Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I speak to u as one of them. What is the need for a separate label and tag? Once you segregate and label a person as differently abled he/she tends to isolate or withdraw from the rest of his own race. Aren’t we all differently abled in one way or another? Perhaps there is a need for change of perception and outlook.

That look continues to tire me day in and day out. I wish somebody could lend a helping hand instead of giving us that plastic look of sympathy. The anger refuses to subside. The fire still burns within.

Every fall is a reminder of years of isolated struggle. You cannot nip a flower in the bud and expect it to blossom. Your sympathy only provokes us. Empathize with us and you will see our world change.  All we ask for is your support not your sympathy.




5 thoughts on “THE RAGE

  1. Karly

    Very we’ll said, and I totally agree with you!!! People should not put labels on others just because the are different from you, or cannot do things you can because of a disability or a sickness. They are just like you and me, and should be treated like everyone else. But you can try an understand what they are going through instead of babying them.


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