INDIAN – The word evokes a whole lot of emotions and patriotism in most of us. We feel proud of the fact that we are united despite the vast differences in customs across different states. But do we really show solidarity when a fellow citizen needs us. Sadly the answer is a stern no.

A whole lot of us have fallen prey to media sensationalism. We support causes which the media wants us to support. The rest go to the garbage bin. The truth is we hardly care when an issue comes up in some remote corner of the country. It doesn’t bother me so why take a stand. Let me tell you that being silent when you know that you can lend a helping hand is a crime

No I am not asking you to raise your voice, protest or take sides but the least you can do is atleast share to let people know. This is not anger just disappointment at the silence of my fellow citizens. Sometimes a small step can save a life. We listen to the voice of an actor for a change why not hear the plea of a voter


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