Kaththi – A Diwali release from Vijay with A.R Murugadoss at the helm of things. What more could an ardent movie buff ask for. Kaththi is a tale of two halves. The first half starts out slow thrusting in all the mandatory Vijay elements and the director takes his own sweet time to unravel the main plot but once that is done ARM completely takes over in his signature style.

The plot – Two identical individuals with different personalities switch places. Sounds familiar I guess. Watch the film to find out what happens after the switch.

The positives –

Vijay – Without Vijay this film could have been an ordinary preachy film but Vijay’s screen presence and dynamism is what elevates the film to a different level.

The theme and the dialogues – Handling a sensitive theme requires a whole lot of guts especially considering the fact that the dialogues have been aimed at people who work in close proximity with the film fraternity. The lines are sharp and precise.

Anirudh – The Kolaveri boy delivers yet again especially in terms of BGM.

The Negatives –

Samantha – Samantha appears in a very forgettable ” I am also there in the film” kind of a role and there’s absolutely no chemistry between the two leads.

The length and the double role – The film could have been shorter by atleast 10 minutes. Vijay’s double role felt like a forced cliche. The message could have been conveyed with a single well etched role. 

Special mention for Neil Nitin Mukesh’s dubbing though I felt the role as a whole could have been better. Instead we get to see the usual caricature Villain on screen.

Kaththi has actually divided the critics too – There are those who suggest that the film conveys false idealism. Trust me most people wouldn’t care unless it is conveyed through a visual medium through a star presence. It might not bring about the desired social change but it will definitely force you to re-think. There are inherent flaws in the film but I choose to ignore it just for the message that it tries to convey

Kaththi – A Diwali treat from Vijay.

My Rating – 3.5/5





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