Oh yes it startled me too. The very first time I bumped into Renee Zellweger was in Jerry Macguire delivering the iconic “You had me at Hello” line. The fascination grew as she transformed into the very adorable Bridget Jones.  She held her own opposite Tom Cruise, Russel Crowe and the incredible Meryl Streep. Standing in the same frame as Meryl Streep and outshining her isn’t an easy task but she did it with absolute ease.

Despite her incredible acting chops she had one major flaw or so the tabloids thought. The critics lashed out that her puffy face didn’t belong to Hollywood. “She might have won major awards but her face is ugly”. These aren’t my words but picked up from the tabloids of the days gone by. How fickle minded can we be.

She disappears into oblivion and comes back with an entirely new look. There’s a huge buzz yet again. She doesn’t look like Renee anymore. I want the old puffy face back. For God’s sake grow up people. Leave her alone. What she does with her face is her choice.  Let her be. Don’t ever forget that she’s incredibly talented and that talent in all probability would still be there when she makes a comeback to the big screen yet again.






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