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This one was too juicy to pass. Having been a film buff since age 4 this was one post I very much looking forward to. What would happen Hollywood studios line up to make a movie based on my life. The very thought gives me shivers.

Let’s get to the casting. Who would be the perfect fit to play my role? Though my heart would root for Christian Bale or Leo Dicaprio the logical choice would be Tom Hanks – the unique walk, the specs, the transformation from an unknown to a bestselling author.

The leading lady – An interesting toss up between Jodie Foster or Sandra Bullock. I guess Jodie wins the vote for the vulnerability she brings into her roles.

Meryl Streep is the default choice to play Mom. The grit, the determination, those steely eyes and she’s a master of accents which is an added bonus. The great Clint Eastwood gets to play the hero’s dad the joy of seeing Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep together on screen again just pure bliss.

Oh wait Leonardo Di Caprio might sneak in as the handsome, dashing younger brother of the hero. The brother’s girlfriend – Jennifer Lawrence.

My wishlist is complete – As to the question why I chose Hollywood – My story is universal besides it’s good to give shape to your fantasies every once in a while.

This post was written for Project 365 program atΒ We Post Daily. A movie based on my life and it’s casting




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