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When the prompt came up the one question that was constantly on my mind was how do I define success from a personal perspective. Has blogging made me redefine myself and has it fulfilled it’s purpose yet. The answer is a definite yes.

The thought of monetizing my work hasn’t crossed my mind neither do I get a thousand hits a day. I had to wait for three years to find who my audience. A reader put it this way Successful bloggers have a niche but you have everybody which is a blessing. There isn’t a single soul wouldn’t be touched by your words. God has given you the power to inspire lives don’t ever throw it away.”

I have never believed in numbers for more often than not they hide the real picture and give a false impression. For me the effort I put in day in and day out is all that matters and how it has helped me rediscover myself. If success is only about numbers then it’s a stern no from my side to me success is making a difference in the lives of your readers.

I may not be a famous celebrity who flaunts the numbers but I am an awesome person



5 thoughts on “SUCCESS ?

  1. Monetizing my blog is the need of the hour was my thought. Helping lots of women is only possible when I can do things for the(money wise). This was my thought process. Reading your post I have understood that if my writing can help create awareness for women then that is success. Thanks for showing me the other and brighter side of the coin.


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