I wasn’t having a particularly awesome day. It was a day when a bunch of morons triggered my anger. I was fuming. The reason – the way I am physically had once again become an object of ridicule. Where did these people get their degrees from? Didn’t they teach something called courtesy at school?

Why is the fact that I am different so much of an obsession for people around me. For once I feel lost and helpless. It is your workplace hence you fight back at your own peril. I chose to remain silent with the anger still within me.

The clock strikes 9. I let out a sigh of relief. Let me get back home and have a good sleep. The lift opens. The usually crowded lift is unusually empty. It’s me and the labour boy the one who cleans up the restrooms and our leftovers while eating. He’s tiny about 18 – 20 years of age. He looks fragile and tired from a hard day at work.

The lift starts moving down. For me those few minutes seemed like eternity. The boy suddenly blurts out something unexpected and sweet “Sorry boss don’t mistake me I feel inspired seeing you”. That is all he said and gave me a royal salute with a smile.

Suddenly my whole day turned upside down. The smile returned back. I was beaming again. Let the morons go to hell. I have a purpose – to make a difference and touch lives and I will continue doing so till my last breath.



8 thoughts on “THE LIFT – A TRUE STORY

  1. You should never let such people get to you… they dont deserve any space in your mind. Glad you met the lift boy, speaks volumes of how we can find treasures in the least expected places 🙂


    1. saleshdipak

      I don’t ever let them in.. They crowd my space and try to rule over my life.. Treasures in the least expected places.. Yes sometimes such simple events can touch our lives in the least expected manner..



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