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The obvious question for this particular prompt is where I see myself as a blogger cum writer.  Am I a novice or am I experienced enough to give away my pearls of wisdom?  The answer – I am neither.  In a way all writers enjoy being the best of both identities. We constantly seek to learn and unlearn from our peers and from various interesting characters that surround our everyday lives.

 It’s time to travel back yet again.  The journey has been fascinating. What started as a form of solace has now become an irresistible passion.  The GLITCH becomes the VOICE.  How did it happen? What is the magic formula or secret ingredient to succeed as a writer? 

The four words which keep reverberating again and again “WRITE FROM YOUR HEART”. Don’t worry about the hits or the followers or other statistical data.  If you are true to yourself and if your words resonate the rest will follow.

It’s a huge crowd out there. Just make sure you are distinct and unique in your own sweet way.  REFLECT and RENEW yourself every once in a while. I call it SHARPENING THE AXE.

PS: Why worry about queries or doubts when I have the conjurer himself in my circle of friends.

This post was written for Project 365 program at We Post Daily

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