How do I define Winning ? Is there a definite success formula ? Can it be measured in terms of money   Let me travel back to my own past. I was born with a mandate. No legs – No school. I was a glitch  Did I say glitch again ?  I love that word. There’s no other word which describes me perfectly. It was my identity for a better part of my life.

My first steps towards the school gates. That was my winning moment. I had braved the odds. I had twisted fate to get to where I am now. Every step which takes you to your destined purpose is your winning moment.  You don’t need the limelight to measure your success. You are a winner if you believe you can.

Let me quote a more famous example our hollywood heart-throb.Leonardo Di Caprio someone who grew up in the streets – the typical rags to riches story. How do you identify him now ?. His impressive line of work. Of course the Oscar seems to elude him. But that doesn’t mean he is not a winner. How many times have we applauded his impeccable effort on-screen. Eventually the Oscar moment will come. So will your share of the spotlight. You just have to keep doing what you do – the way you want to do it.

This post is written for A to Z blogging challenge and Ultimate blog challenge



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