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Welcome to the world of Fairies. Of all the fairy stories Tinkerbell has a special place in my heart. She’s born a tinker but she never fails to explore. Her dream – to go the mainland with the other gifted fairies and see humans, Of course there’s the usual you can’t do echo from everywhere. She tries her hand at various things garden fairy,water fairy, light fairy only to fail miserably. It takes a whole lot of effort to find her true calling.


She realizes being a tinker fairy is a special gift. The lost things that she once found give her a shot at redemption. She finds acceptance and friendship. The voices that once discarded her as a mere tinker now spoke in awe of her gift as she becomes the saviour.

All of us are gifted and unique. Though not all us can be gifted as water or light fairy. Being a tinker is just as good. Always remember ” the stone that is rejected often becomes the cornerstone for the whole building”.

This post is written for A to Z blogging challenge and Ultimate blog challenge




5 thoughts on “T – TINKERBELL

  1. Such an awesome message! This translates to any industry or team or group effort. We are only as strong and successful as the seemingly least necessary cog. Tink is adorable and I loved the brief years when my granddaughter “channeled” her :-). Thanks for such a worthy, whimsical post.


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