It was a perfect end  to an incredible weekend.. That lovely smile. There’s nothing more divine and re-assuring than watching a kid smile. It’s love in it’s purest form filled with innocence and trust. How I wish I could just click the re-wind button and re-live my childhood yet again.


All those wonderful memories come rushing back.  A hug from Mom and Dad was all that was needed to make me break into smile. As we grow up we tend to let go of things that really matter even as our heart yearns for material pleasures. The innocence,trust is replaced by selfishness.  It’s win at all costs even if means pulling down the others.

All of us have goodness within us.  But as we grow up we tend to forget the very essence that governed the early part of our life. It’s  never too late to bring the inherent goodness out in the open. As my Dad once told me “ All that matters in the end is the number of lives you have touched


PS : The kid in the last photo is me.

This post is written for A to Z blogging challenge and Ultimate blog challenge


13 thoughts on “S – SMILE

  1. Yes, all that matters in the end is how many lives you touched. God bless you Dipak and thank you for mentioning my little angel here. I loved all the photos and yes, childhood photos have a way of lighting you up. They may be yours or of other children. It’s just something about those innocent expressions.


  2. I don’t think I can add any more words than what all your fellow peers have added above. Keep Smiling and Stay Positive (Wow, 2 S’s in there !) buddy. Every step of yours is in the right direction.


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