Who am I ? An outsider ? A glitch ? A mistake ?.. I search for answers but sadly the much needed clarity eluded me. It was a never ending list of questions. I decide to wear a mask, But after a while even that became a cliché. How do survive in a society which builds walls of perception all around you ?

R (1)

I wanted to soar but my wings were clipped. In a desperate attempt I turn to the divine. I see him smiling ” I have a plan boss. Trust me”. Did he actually speak to me or am I dreaming. I pinch myself.

Memories come flooding back – High school essays re-written my style, the English competition. I turn to blogging. The outsider finds his voice. The glitch finds it’s identity. it’s time to take off the mask. Time for the world to see the real me. It’s time for redemption.

This post is written for A to Z blogging challenge and Ultimate blog challenge





12 thoughts on “R – REDEMPTION

  1. swathishenoy

    even I started to blog having similar thoughts. I wanted to find my place, my strengths, my identity! n writing our hearts out does help. isnt it?


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