Q (1)

Dear Miss X,

Of late I have been hailed as a hero. For once I actually believed things have changed. Thanks for reminding me that I am just a clown in a circus. A clown who hides his tears behind the mask. A clown whose job is to bring a smile irrespective of what goes on within him.  I am the show man who entertains ,whose job is done once the show is over.


I actually thought love was a union of two hearts. You made it sound like some sort of barter system. A car, a house and then me. Am I an add on. I don’t think so ?  I understand your anxiety for a secured life. Trust me I do.  You have every right to ask for the life you desire but that doesn’t mean you can hurt me. All I asked was a chance to prove myself but you chose to ignore me.

You have made me re-think my values though. Am I a misfit in a world filled with compromises. You made it sound like honesty is a crime. Maybe it is. Ideals don’t work anymore. I remember the words as you said it ” People like you belong to the museum not out here in the real world. You are a fool “.

I glance at my legs yet again. The limp still hurts. You have left me with a lot of questions  Will I ever succeed in my quest for the one true love ? That’s the only thing missing in a life filled with accolades. There are times when I yearn for someone to share. Will I ever find that one perfect partner with resolve and determination. Someone who would stand by me come what may. To be frank I don’t have answers. Only time will tell.

For now it’s time to say goodbye.

This post is written for A to Z blogging challenge and Ultimate blog challenge






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