Onions .. The scene flashes across my mind again and again. What happens when you slice an Onion. The eyes become heavy and you shed tears. What happens next ? You wipe the tears and get ready to prepare what eventually becomes a spicy,tasty food. The tears disappear as you look forward to a yummy meal.  The onions – tears are all an integral part of preparing a meal.


Life is like slicing an onion. There are times when you have to be prepared to shed tears. Believe me tears are good for it has the power to soothe a wounded heart. Sometimes it is good to pour out for it gives birth to a geater resolve to overcome obstacles. There will always be obstacles which will test your limits and break you down. The trick lies in wiping the tears and preparing yourself for your eventual destination.

The greater the pain the stronger the resolve to succeed. Always remember ” Every person who has reached the top has gone through a lot of pain to get there” As it is often said ” NO PAIN NO GAIN”. The next time don’t fret when you have to shed tears you never know it might lead to a yummy tasty treat in the end.

This post is written for A to Z blogging challenge and Ultimate blog challenge

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