No this post is not a lecture on divinity or religion. I am going to talk about a human who embraced pain and suffering with dignity. I am going to talk about a human who prepared 30 years for his true calling. The more I try to re – read the bible it’s the human side which appeals to more. It’s not the miracle but the power which resonated in the words of a great teacher.


30 years is a long time – a very long time indeed especially when you consider the fact that he was destined to leave this earth 3 years later. Most of us tend to give up but not him. It is this remarkable trait which touches me every time. Greatness can be achieved only when you are prepared for it. Sometimes you have to toil for years and years to taste the fruit of your own labour but when you do get your turn it will all be worth it.

He showed us that the world can be conquered by love alone. He set the precedent for the NO PAIN NO GAIN principle which in turn has inspired so many lives. Forget the divinity embrace the human side it might help realize that the life of Jesus is one of the greatest lessons that has ever been told for it teaches how to give shape to our goals, prepare for it in the right way and be ready when success knocks at your doorstep.

 This post is written for A to Z blogging challenge and Ultimate blog challenge



12 thoughts on “J – JESUS

  1. I am not a religious man but I believe Jesus the human existed. I believe he was great teacher with a lot of revolutionary ideas for the time. I think you did an outstanding job on this post showing how someone can look at him as an inspiration.


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