Welcome to my world. A world sans the usual. There have been instances when my life has mirrored that of Helen Keller. Periods of joy would often be overlapped by periods of eternal struggle. How do I make people understand that I am not an alien I am just different. I have a glitch but I love it. It helps me see things differently. For years I let the inevitable get the better of me.It’s time to change.


Helen Keller – An everlasting symbol of hope and courage.  She couldn’t see nor hear yet there’s no life as colourful as hers. She knew how to swim against the tide. She knew how to leave her footprints. No wonder her play was titled ” THE MIRACLE WORKER”.  Of course she needed someone to guide her ” Anne Sullivan” her teacher,companion and friend. I guess we all need a guide to help us move foward

The more I read “THE STORY OF MY LIFE” the more it urges me. Maybe there’s a reason for the similarities. Maybe there’s a reason for the glitch too. It’s time to leave my own “FOOTPRINTS“. I gaze at my legs  – the limp surfaces again. It bothers the crowd which keeps staring. But I choose to ignore. It’s time to start walking towards my dreams again

This post is written for A to Z blogging challenge and Ultimate blog challenge

8 thoughts on “H- HELEN KELLER

  1. Her biography was one of my favorites in grade school. The chapter where she is feeling the water spilling out of the pump and makes the connection to having “water” spelled out in her hand still guves me chills.


  2. Helen Keller is indeed an inspiration 🙂 Great u wrote about her. I remember I wrote something in my post where I wrote U need not be able to see to have a vision! It was long back 🙂
    good one Salesh


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