My name has a unique distinction. Right when I was born my parents decide that both of them would have a part in my name so unlike others I have two first names SALESH from Mom and DIPAK from Dad. For a while my name signified nothing but over the years curiosity got the better of me. One day I confront Mom “Why do I have two names”. Maybe it was curiosity or maybe it was part of growing up. Her answer chokes me ” Your name is a gentle reminder that we will always be there for you when you need a hand to hold or a shoulder to cry and you will always be the most prized possession in our lives hence both of us have a say in your name”.

There’s another special fact too I was named SALESH after ST FRANCIS DE SALES and DIPAK in hindi means LIGHT. Maybe my parents foresaw that I was destined to touch lives despite my own shortcomings. A name isn’t just for an individual. It is an identity for generations to come 

Need I say more I just love my name.


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