Dear Jhilmil,

I miss you and I miss those good old days. A lot has changed since we last met.  Our country has turned into an exhibition filled with WESTERN IMITATIONS.  The smiles that adorned every love story has turned into plastic greeting cards and artificial flowers. Thankfully we needed neither of these. Just a simple delightful silence said it all.  

How quickly people forget – the true legacy that marked the life of Saint Valentine – to touch lives. Just the other day somebody told me it’s a bad world where everybody’s running a race. I guess people are so obsessed to cross the finish line that they fail to press the PAUSE button.  

Even today I treasure those postal letters that you sent. They serve as a glowing reminder of the days gone by.  I miss the warmth that our parents shared and passed on to us.  Just how on earth did the world find a way to market a “FEELING”. Since when did LOVE become a COMMODITY?

Frankly I don’t have answers. But I look forward with renewed hope as the wheels turn back. Eventually the strains of commercialization will bring back old school values of the heart again. I wait with open arms my love to relive our golden days together again.

Always yours,







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