What if? It’s a question which comes to everybody’s mind at some point especially during times of distress, when we lose a loved one or when things do not go as planned. More often than not it turns out to be mere wishful thinking of what might have happened.

Yours truly is no exception either. Sometimes it bothers me too. What if I had been a normal person without the term “DISABILITY”. How different would things have been. Maybe I would have been one among the crowd with hot girls and a hi fi lifestyle. Maybe I would have run a mad race to the finish line.

But reality is very much different. I have a limp, a slight limp. There are people who find me awkward. There are people who stare. I am so used to the everyday stares that it does not bother me anymore I have my own circle of very good friends and the search for my elusive PRINCESS still continues. Hopefully I can find someone who can accept me as I AM.

Let me run the race at my own speed while the others rush ahead. I am content being ME. If u can’t accept me please don’t bother. It’s my own race I will get to the finish line eventually.

PS: I am waiting for my turn.









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