A question by a fellow blogger led me to this. When did I start blogging and Why? 
 I have always been pretty good with English right from school days. Those were the days when I used to steal marks writing a one page essay while my friends used to write pages. I found it funny back then. Maybe writing was a God given gift lying dormant. But writing was never a serious career option.
Cut to college and I indulge myself with thoughts of purusing English literature for a brief period. Eventually even that thought fades out more like a passing cloud. Fate has other plans. I end up taking commerce. End of my writing dreams or so I thought.
2011 – A year which brings me closer to my real destiny. Writing or to be precise Blogging.  Dad’s sudden death makes me turn back to my first love – WRITING – I guess sometimes a loss is essential to bring out your inner strength. Writing served as redemption and a form of solace
Writing gave me a face – an identity. I was no longer the differently abled nerd. I was a blogger and a passionate one at that. Blogging has become an obsession. It has also opened my eyes to a whole new world. My blogger friends have been courteous enough to accept me as one of their own.
Thus far it’s been purely original work. In cases where I have borrowed I have been courteous enough to credit the author. I know how it feels when you rip off someone’s work as one of your own. It’s happened to me a couple of times too. Apologies for the grammar errors if any – I have never been a Wren and Martin kind of a person even when I scored near perfect marks in English. Writing should always come from the heart. Rule books don’t matter
Happy New Year! Let 2014 be a wonderful year for everyone.
Happy Reading!
PS: Will be switching to WordPress soon…Working on my autobiography too.

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