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A glance at the rear view mirror showed nothing except tears, tears of joy.. Time changes everything.. It was love at first sight for JAMES and PRIYA. But unlike most love marriages this one was a smooth union of two families. They made an awesome pair together but the real story had just begun.
Despite being a made for each other couple the family wasn’t complete. It is often said that nothing can match the joy a child brings into a family. The numerous treatments and tests were just futile attempts at covering up the harsh truth Priya couldn’t conceive. All seemed lost even as James shielded Priya with his unconditional love.
James had made a decision. He didn’t care what people around him said. Priya’s happiness for all that mattered. Together they went to a CHILD ADOPTION HOME. PRIYA wandered around looking at the numerous homeless children. All of them deserved a home.
A young girl around 4 years of age tugged at PRIYA from behind. What is your name darling? asked Priya. “ISHITA” came a meek reply even a cheerful smile adorned the child’s face. Priya decided she was the one.
The drive back home had been a pleasant one. James looked at the rear view mirror again.  Priya was beaming. She was a MOM. Ishita was their destiny. The little princess who strengthened their bond of love.
James’s mind travelled back to the adoption home again “THEY ALL NEED A HOME”

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