A Post by a friend of mine got me thinking. The post was more of lament of how the society perceives us and what they want us to do. A 27 she faces the obvious question from her so called relatives “When are you getting married”? Even yours truly is faced with the same question and to be frank it pisses me off.
People often forget that marriage is a union of two hearts. Once you reach or cross a certain age marriage becomes a mandate. If you are still unmarried then there is something wrong ?. When did society’s perception start ruling our lives ?
If we start re-shaping our lives the way the society wants us to then the whole purpose of living is lost. More often than not the haste in abiding by the norms leads to wrong decisions. A late union is way better than a forced union.
I am gonna to take my time to find my angel and I hope my friend does too. And last but not least GET MARRIED BECAUSE YOU WANT TO.. NOT BECAUSE U HAVE TO. Let bliss happen when the time is right.

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