Arrambam – How to live up to up to huge hype and hysteria that an Ajith movie generates. Arrambam serves as a lesson on how to satisfy the fans with ample doses of heroism. Forget logic and story. Nothing else matters because Thala is back with a bang. Vishnu presents the movie with just one agenda in mind – To make a style statement with Ajith’s irresistible screen presence. 
Plot – A betrayed ATS officer sets out on a one man revenge mission against the corrupt officials and ministers..
Ajith Kumar – “THALA”  as his fans fondly address him is back with a vengeance. Right from frame one it is quite evident that it’s gonna to be an AJITH show all the way. Despite being overweight at times Ajith oozes style and confidence. Despite having cut down on his expressions of late the kind of hysteria that this man generates has to be seen to believed. For a while it felt as if I was watching a SUPERSTAR movie. There are quite a few scenes in the movie reserved for whistles and claps. Thala you rock.

Arya – Another multi – starrer for him after RAJA RANI. It is quite commendable that he continues to act in multi-starrers in this age of ego clashes and solo hero subjects. Arya’s job is to provide comic relief and he does a good job at that. Another worthy addition to Arya’s impressive line of films.
Nayathara takes care of the glamour quotient while Tapsee remains her usual chirpy self. Rana Daggubati appears in a blink and miss appearance. Kishore makes quite an impression as the honest office. Atul Kulkarni and Mahesh Manjerakar play the usual caricatures we have seen n number of times in regional movies.
Yuvan’s music is a huge let down. Though the BGM adds value to the film the songs are a dampener especially when you the consider the impressive line up of songs the Yuvan- Vishnu combo had given in their earlier associations together.
Vishnuvardhan sticks to what he does best – present a stylish film with the hero dominating every frame. The mandatory introduction song and flash back in the second half could have been avoided.  He takes a leaf out of a real incident and presents a neatly packaged action entertainer. Kudos for living up to the expectations.
Though the film has a huge star cast they all remain mere sidekicks to pivot AJITH. While Billa II was a major disappointment Arrambam serves one big Diwali feast. Forget the cast, forget story, forget logic. There’s just one big fat reason for you to watch the film AJITH, AJITH and more AJITH. Let’s enjoy the PRINCE until the KING comes back.
PS: A must watch for die-hard fans of Ajith. It’s Thala Diwali folks. For others it’s a decent one time watch.
RATING – 3/5


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