CAST – Sushant Singh Rajput, Parineeti Chopra, Vaani Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor.
MUSIC – Sachin – Jigar.
DIRECTION – Maneesh Sharma.

I just cannot fathom how Shuddh Desi Romance managed to attract a whole section of the Indian audience. I do agree the acting is top notch but that alone doesn’t make a great film. The plot has to be rock solid to make a film an enjoyable experience. Sadly the screenplay is a big let down. While Baand Baja Bharat was deep and to the point after a while Shuddh Desi meanders.
The plot – A love triangle with a predictable end. The only difference live -in relationships have been substituted for marriage. The film starts off on a promising note. Just when I began to heave a sigh of relief predictability began to set in.
What helps the film though is some honest acting efforts by the three leads. Sushant Singh Rajput gives another good performance after KAI PO CHE. Sadly much like KPC he’s let down by some average screen play. Nevertheless a promising future awaits him in BOLLYWOOD. As the chirpy young man who is commitment phobic he gives a worthy performance.
Parineeti Chopra is the real live wire of the film. Her character has the kind of brute honesty that women are deprived of in Bollywood films. She smokes, she’s headstrong and she’s impulsive. Yet she manages to make an impression. She’s more a representative of the Modern Indian Women. But the question lies in whether she’s the right representation.
Vaani Kapoor – A fresh find who is pretty and cute. Here again the flaw lies in the fact that she falls for the suitor who left her. I don’t think any girl would fall for someone who dumped her. A good start though.
Rishi Kapoor – The veteran gives a near flawless performance as the guiding light of the hero. The best lines of the film belong to him and he brings some sense into a rather average script.
Sachin -Jigar duo give some fresh and lively tunes which lift the film.
Maneesh Sharma – After Baand Bhaaja Bharat which struck the right notes. Maneesh comes up with a flawed storyline. When one character is commitment phobic it is refreshing but when the entire lead cast turns out the same way it gets bland and predictable. There’s a sense of sameness which could have been avoided. The depth of triple B is missing though mention should be made of the fresh casting. Better luck next time.
Shuddh Desi Romance – Could have been better.


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