Finally! The GOD of CRICKET decides to bid farewell. A couple of years too late if u ask me. It should have during India’s World Cup victory march at the Wankhede. There will arguments as to whether he was the best especially when compared to the technically perfect “RAHUL DRAVID”. But there’s no denying the fact that he was the face of Indian Cricket for a very long time. In his prime he was the lone warrior for India much like BRIAN CHARLES LARA in his heydays.
There was a time when the chat “SACHIN SACHIN” was a mantra for the Indian cricket fat. His was the only wicket that mattered. The critics who voice against SACHIN never knew the master in his prime. It was like seeing an artist at work. Who can ever forget the SACHIN’s twin knocks in SHARJAH or his domination over SHANE WARNE in the BEST BOWLER vs BEST BATSMAN contest.
He made 100 a landmark number, became the first man to reach a double hundred in ODI’s. There’s a saying that statistics don’t matter. But in his case the numbers speak for themselves. To maintain that level of consistency over such a long period of time is no mean feat. And there’s one thing we all tend to conveniently forget. As Indians we always tend to have short term memory loss. The first and foremost reason we all started watching cricket was SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR. As a cricket fanatic there’s nothing which has given me more joy than watching SACHIN bat.
Every journey has to come to an end. It’s been a long and colourful journey thus far. A journey filled with wonderful memories. To me SACHIN was never a name; he was a brand, the brand which shaped the dreams of an entire nation. He was the face of INDIA’s global renaissance.

My fav- His hundred against a pacy Donald and Co in SA.

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  1. He is a brand who loves and respects cricket, what I love about him is he has never risen above cricket and has always respected cricket. Loved his sachin aala re aala add with the wicket in hand.


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