I have often wondered.. The purpose and the need for a person as different yours truly to co-exist with rest of the human race. The obvious question as to WHY this had to happen to me has troubled me many times in my journey thus far.
For starters EMPATHY was missing and I had already been WRITTEN OFF even before my race had begun. All that I seemed to hear was ” YOU CAN’T.  Acceptance was rare and it all looked bleak and gloomy. THE END. Should I end it here? Nah it all looks so incomplete.
For what followed was a story of determined souls who were willing to fight it out for their son. How things change! I graduate with good grades and I am now with one of most prestigious banks in the world. For someone who was not even supposed to complete school this is a big achievement.
 Of course there are people who show instant hatred. But I have had my own loyal gang of friends. Friends who have struck it out for me in near impossible situations. There have been helping hands along the way and the best part. I am where I want to be – NO REGRETS- NO COMPLAINTS.
It’s been a slow but steady rise.  I was looking for inspiration elsewhere. It took me a while to realize that my own life is an inspiration for lots of people out there. I haven’t lived a perfect life but it’s been a memorable journey thus far. The road ahead is long but I am not giving up just as yet.

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