DISCLAIMER: I am no relationship expert….Just an opinion..
What makes a relationship work? Does the term PERFECT RELATIONSHIP even exist in the real world?  I don’t think so. The MADE FOR EACH OTHER term is merely a myth. No couple is born made for each other. It is how YOU LIVE FOR EACH OTHER that makes the difference.
A bit muddled right. Let me get to my point. There’s a vast difference between the two terms. Two people enter into a union with a whole lot of expectations expecting the other to be his/ her ideal partner. What happens if the expectations aren’t met ? Just break it off and run to the court. That’s what seems to be the scenario nowadays. If that’s the case then the whole point of a wholesome union isn’t met.
A marriage is a life long commitment. So what if your better half isn’t the ideal person that you wanted. It doesn’t matter one bit. Try to work your way through it. Respect the differences and trust each other. And more importantly sail together during turbulent times. 
Learn to give up at times for the other person. Trust me this works beautifully. Respect the other person’s private space. Love wholeheartedly and enjoy your moments of togetherness. It is only when you live for each other you end up being the so called “MADE FOR EACH OTHER” couple.

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