I wanted to travel back to the glorious 90’s to revisit our very own SUPERHERO SHAKTIMAAN. He was India’s answer to SUPERMAN. Shaktimaan evokes fond memories. He was a very big craze.  Everybody loved him especially kids. All of us eagerly waited for Sunday just to watch Shaktimaan on screen.
The serial struck to the tried and tested premise of a superhero and his alter ego and it worked big time. Vaishnavi as Geeta Biswas was our very own Mary Jane. The serial catapulted both of them to stardom. 
The kids were so obsessed with Shaktimaan that they began to jump from rooftops expecting Shaktimaan to save them.
And who can forget the Shaktimaan stickers that were given along with Parle -G  buscuits. One such sticker still adorns my dressing cupboard.
In a way the 90’s represent all that was simple and neat. Doordharshan was our go to channel. There weren’t too many options which actually let us enjoy whatever was available. Who can forget Chitrahaar, Superhit Muquabala, Junoon and the likes. All cult programs in their own ways.
Gone are the days when we used to queue in front of tv just to watch that elusive Saturday and Sunday movie. We are spoiled for choices now with too  many options and too much useless information.
The 90’s were indeed glorious!


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